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Aaron Javian

Energetic and growing

The New York office has come a long way since I joined in 2004. When I was a summer associate, there were fewer than 50 lawyers in New York, and now we have almost 150 lawyers. We are in a much stronger position now, but there is still more that we can do here and that we are looking to accomplish in this market. The U.S. practice has a lot of talented lawyers across a number of practices who have been recognized in the legal press as rising stars or leading lawyers.

Global perspective

The firm has 29 international offices and our U.S. practice is located in twelve cities around the globe. The strength of our network has allowed me to work in both New York and London and that experience has shown me how strong Linklaters’ market presence is; you can really feel it around the world. From a practice development perspective, there are so many different client initiatives and people to connect with that you never seem to run out of opportunities when you work here.

Culture of sharing

There is a knowledge-sharing culture at Linklaters, and you see it in practice across our firm daily. The level of information that’s available is one of our strongest selling points. We share what we learn with each other across the network, and that helps from a training perspective. It also helps from a client perspective; it means that next time something comes up we can tackle it that much more efficiently.

Linklaters has a strong market presence, you can really feel it around the world.