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Shawn Yoon

Four offices, three continents – one memorable summer

When I was looking for a summer program, two things became crystal clear: Linklaters was uniquely positioned to offer me the international work I craved, and having met a number of representatives from the firm, I realized that these were people I’d be comfortable working with.

Many summer associates in our program spend their summer in two different offices. I was very interested in having that opportunity because I was brought up in different countries and have never lost my passion to live abroad. During my summer, in addition to working in our New York office, I got to work out of the Hong Kong office, which was my first time ever being in Hong Kong. From there, I spent a week working in our Seoul office and also had the opportunity to travel to our London office for the midsummer retreat. It’s amazing to think that in my ten weeks at the firm I was in four offices on three continents, seeing first-hand how our different teams work.

Significant and ground-breaking deals

The great thing about being a summer associate at Linklaters is that you get involved from the beginning. In New York, I worked on a pharmaceutical industry merger that involved multiple jurisdictions and deal teams across the globe. Similarly, all the work I was exposed to in Hong Kong and Seoul involved multiple jurisdictions and time zones. Another great learning opportunity was being in the same office as a senior associate. It allowed me to see what they were working on, offered me the chance to join in on conference calls and gave me more exposure to day-to-day life as an associate.

Now, as a second-year associate in the Capital Markets group, I’m mainly handling transactions involving parties from the PRC, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, Korea and the Philippines, among others, looking to raise capital in the international markets. Recently, I worked on a ground-breaking Korean deal that was the first statutory covered bond program to be established in Asia. I have also been involved in the issuance of Philippine sovereign debt. Our Hong Kong office took the lead, but over a dozen of our offices were involved in the transaction as the investors were scattered worldwide.

Joined-up working

Linklaters is a connected firm and the offices across the globe collaborate together. Our client base and geographical coverage provide many career benefits. For example, on a daily basis I am communicating with my colleagues from different offices, and it is not uncommon to travel to other offices for trainings, meetings or retreats. In addition, the firm makes an investment in the mobility of its workforce. If you’re interested in spending time working in another jurisdiction, Linklaters actively manages this transition. There are many secondment opportunities as the firm really supports associates in getting broad exposure early on through secondments internally to complementary practice groups or offices and externally to clients.

Linklaters is uniquely positioned to offer the international work I crave.