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Stephanie Tennant

Summer in London

I spent most of my summer working in the London office. I sat in the corporate group, and also had the opportunity to work with members of the Banking practice. As a member of the team, I took part in most of the drafting sessions, diligence calls and client meetings. I jumped right into projects involving Spanish and Portuguese speaking companies and was able to use my language skills almost immediately, which was a highly rewarding experience for me.

Making pro bono a priority

Pro bono has been a big part of my practice and development so far at Linklaters. It has taught me a different skill set as I have been advising on areas of the law that I do not usually work with in my transactional practice area. A large portion of the pro bono work that I have done has taken me to court. It’s not litigation per se, but it’s what people usually think of as a more traditional ‘advocacy for your client’ role. I really appreciate that the senior associates and Partners are supportive and have helped me make time to take on pro bono projects.

Making a mark, early on

What I most like about Linklaters is that people try to get you involved as early on in your legal career as possible, and they really do a good job of integrating you into the team. Even in the first year, they involved me on assignments that got me in front of the client. One of the partners even told me, ‘don’t shy away from taking responsibility for tasks that are client-facing’. The high levels of responsibility early on and the fact that I was given projects that required me to put my legal and critical thinking skills to the test, have been very encouraging. Not every firm is like that, and Linklaters really does make an investment in your development as soon as you join.

People get you involved early on in your legal career, and they do a good job of integrating you into the team.