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Tai Vivatvaraphol

In-depth involvement

One of the strongest aspects of the Summer Associate Program is the level of hands-on experience and responsibility you are given. As a summer associate I was treated as if I were a full-time member of the deal team and encouraged to become as involved in these deals as other junior associates. At times, this even included interacting with clients and associates in foreign offices. As a first-year associate in the London office, I was given a depth and breadth of practical experience beyond what some of my friends were taking on at their firms, and as I have become more senior the work has continued to challenge me.

Freedom to explore

As a summer associate I was encouraged to explore practice areas outside of the groups I was assigned to. This cross-practice exposure has continued beyond the summer program, and as an associate I've been exposed to a variety of deals covering all aspects of corporate and capital markets issues. This exposure has also helped to develop relationships with associates in other practice areas and offices and I have built up a network of resources that I can reach out to on a variety of subject matters.

Integrating as a U.S. lawyer in London

I was pleasantly surprised to see how thoroughly integrated the U.S. practice is in the corporate department and how seamlessly we work with our UK counterparts. Both on a work level and a social level, I’ve developed great relationships with some of my UK colleagues which made the transition to London so much smoother.

As a summer associate I was encouraged to explore practice areas outside of the group I was assigned to.