Diversity & inclusion

Being a global organization means much more than having offices around the world. 

The City of London

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are at the core of our business. We are striving to be the leading global law firm, and that means our team should reflect the cultures and values of the communities and arenas in which we work. This initiative extends into many different areas of our firm, from recruitment, training and support within the workplace, to a growing investment in local communities and projects.

As an organization we value difference, and we want to make sure that we attract talented people from a wide range of diverse cultures, backgrounds and experiences. We aim to create an inclusive working environment where everyone can reach their potential and excel. We are working hard to promote this with the development of local diversity committees that allow our people to share their views and implement change.

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Our diversity efforts are closely linked to our initiatives in recruitment, knowledge and learning, business and client development, and community investment. These efforts include:

  • Annual participation in several U.S. job fairs and programs geared toward fostering diversity in the legal profession, including Sponsors for Educational Opportunity and the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity.
  • Flexible working arrangements, allowing approximately 15% of our employees worldwide to work on a flexible basis.
  • Special events for women attorneys and clients across the firm.
  • The launch of the Women’s Leadership Program in 2012, a 9-month program of events, structured learning and coaching to develop and retain our highly-talented women across the global network.
  • Sponsorship of affinity networks across the firm. For example, our New York office is home to several groups, including the Linklaters Asian American Network (LAAN), Latinos@Linklaters, the LGBT Network, the Linklaters Black Affinity Network, the Women’s Initiative and The Family Network.

Pro bono

Our pro bono work also supports diversity throughout the community, and we work with several organizations aimed at providing legal services to diverse populations. We:

  • Represent LGBT and HIV-positive immigrants in their applications for asylum through Immigration Equality.
  • Work with the Minkwon Center for Community Action on a citizenship clinic, in matters relating to wage discrimination and also housing.
  • Work with Sanctuary for Families’ Immigration Intervention Project to provide immigrant domestic violence victims with legal services that allow them to obtain permanent resident status or citizenship.
  • Work with the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund to help secure legal name changes and advocate for transgender clients in matters workplace discrimination.


In our effort to support the career aspirations of diverse populations in our communities and markets, we:

  • Sponsor and participate in several New York City-based youth programs encouraging young women and ethnic minority students to excel in school and enter the legal profession, including the Inner City Scholarship Fund and Legal Outreach.
  • Sponsor and participate in the UK-based Amos Bursary, which provides internships and mentoring support in London and NY for young men of African and Caribbean descent.
  • Co-sponsored, in cooperation with Goldman, the August 2014 launch of LIFT – Language, Inspiration, Focus and Training –a scholarship and mentoring program that supports students from severely underprivileged communities who attend Zumbi dos Palmares University in Sao Paulo.
  • Are an active member of the 30% Club, an organization of Chairs and CEOs aimed at increasing women’s representation on FTSE-100 boards to 30% (currently about 23%) and improving gender balance at all levels of organizations in the UK, US and other regions.